morpheus glass

beautiful fused glass stands, clocks, coasters and hanging decorations by stephanie bowen

Morpheus Glass are known for their contemporary and individual fused glass designs inspired by British wildlife. The family owned business is run by talented duo; glass artist Stephanie Bowen and graphic designer Ian O’Brien. Stephanie uses a range of advanced glass fusing techniques in order to create their stunning, unique and distinctive range of contemporary fused glass products. Stephanie tends to be inspired by her choice of materials and the various effects and textures she can create.

Stephanie specialised in glass making at university and has continued to develop her skills by honing her craft and always being experimental with her approach to making. One of Stephanie’s favourite things about fused glass is that no two pieces can ever be the same. We at iapetus love their range of beautiful, woodland creature inspired pieces which are incredibly individual and really show the beauty of fused glass work.

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