ash one drawer secret wooden box by dave mckeen

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This fabulous wooden box is handcrafted by Dave McKeen from ash. The exquisite craftsmanship that has gone into this piece is evident in its beautiful finish and in the smooth action of the drawer, which nestles satisfyingly within the box. What makes this box exciting is, by pulling out the drawer and tipping to one side, a secret compartment will appear! Its the perfect place to hide a precious possession, be it a special ring or your last Rolo.

These charming boxes appeal to women and men alike, as a place to stash little treasures, cufflinks, jewellery or any precious trinkets. As each piece is handmade from a unique piece of wood, each one is different in colour and grain.

Materials: ash wood

Size: Approx: L:; W: 12cm; H: 4.5cm

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