bowl-tastic : healthy lifestyle trend

More and more people are abandoning plates and eating their food out of bowls! This trend has mainly been sparked by people eating more Asian or healthy veggie orientated dishes and in general leading busier lifestyles. Even foodies like Nigella Lawson are into the bowl trend, with Nigella herself stating: ‘If I could, I’d eat everything out of a bowl.’ You could argue that meals, like pasta, look more appetising in a bowl rather than spread out on a sad white plate. Or if you have little ones who get fussy about eating their greens bowl food could be the perfect solution!

See our range of beautiful, handmade, ceramic bowls by makers from England, Ireland and Spain and get inspired to join the bowl-tastic trend. Our bowl designs vary from retro-inspired pattern heavy looks to sea-themed motifs so there’s bound to be something that suits your taste – pun intended!

  1. Blue hand painted ceramic bowl by David Pantling
  2. White fish ceramic appetizer bowl by Divine Deli
  3. Hand thrown ceramic bowl by Paul Maloney
  4. Retro handmade ceramic soup bowl by Rosie McGowan

Also don’t forget it’s Great Malvern’s Food Festival’s on 30th May in the grounds of Great Malvern Priory Church. There will be over 60 stalls of locally produced food and drinks and a BBC Cooking Food Theatre – lucky us! Plenty of opportunity for you to try delicious, fresh, local ingredients and learn how to cook something new. Indulge your taste buds and if you can’t eat it all at once, save it for later to eat in your lovely new bowl!

We hope this has inspired you to cook healthy delicious dishes and if you’re looking for serving bowls as well as cereal/soup bowls see here for more wonderful, handmade designs.