congratulations! gift guide inspiration for graduation

Whether you’re waiting for your son or niece or grandchild’s GCSEs, A Level results or their university days have come to an end; let’s celebrate! Make sure they’re always lucky with our pewter charms by Metal Planet and Lancaster & Gibbings which can easily fit into a pocket. Or gift them with a pewter key ring by Kutuu so they never forget their achievements. Celebrate with the smells of success and create an atmosphere with our delightfully, scented St Eval candles which have been produced by the traditional hand drawn process. Or present them with an extra bit of sparkle with our beautiful, handmade jewellery!

What always makes for a great gift is a Terramundi Money Pot. Terramundi money pots are a clever way to save for any occasion without the temptation to swipe a cheeky fiver on the way out! Once the first coin is dropped the money pot must be fed until full, upon which time it must be smashed whilst making a wish. Once the money pot is smashed it can be used as a candle holder or even house a plant in it!

Terramundi money pots have been traditionally used in Italy for over 2,000 years and their hand-thrown design has remained unchanged. Each one is hand-thrown in Italy and hand painted in London. They hold approximately £200 in mixed silver. Also at £21.95 the money pots are very affordable. A particular favourite is the Blackboard money pot which can have a savings goal scribbled on – though we cannot guarantee what kind of savings goal!

Terramundi Money Pots - £21.95
Terramundi Money Pots – £21.95

For more thoughtful, handmade gifts for graduates visit our website and find the perfect present to reward a graduate with! We hope this post has inspired you and if you’re not after a present but wish to show your support don’t forget that we have a fantastic range of cards for you to write a personal congratulatory message in.