Meet The Maker : Nick Hubbard – Handmade Jewellery

Nick Hubbard jewellery - meet the maker interview

Nick Hubbard’s work has been a best-seller at iapetus for many years. That’s because it’s among the most original, creative and quirky jewellery you can find. Nick’s work is amazing in its detail and intricacy; a figurative collection of oxidised silver pieces and charms bearing words and messages. Many lockets, brooches and rings have moving […]

Meet The Maker : Gaynor Hebden-Smith – Handmade Jewellery

Gaynor creates contemporary jewellery in Fife, Scotland. Her gorgeous pieces are made from combining reclaimed sea glass, sterling silver, metals, beads and crystals. Each piece of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery is completely unique, as no two pieces of sea glass are ever the same. Sea glass is also known as mermaid tears or sea jewels. […]

Meet The Maker : Xuella Arnold – Handmade Jewellery

Xuella Arnold jewellery - interview with the maker

Here’s our next #meetthemaker interview with the lovely jeweller, Xuella Arnold. Xuella makes beautiful jewellery inspired by song lyrics and poetry, creating narrative and wearable imagery. She works with silver and bronze to produce her original, delicate designs that are full of imagination and romance. Read on to find out more! Xuella’s midnight gallop silver […]

Meet The Maker : Katherine Bree – Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Katherine Bree gemstone jewellery

So here’s our next instalment of #meetthemaker month with British designer, Katherine Bree. Her handmade jewellery combines incredible colours to make statement pieces that are completely unique. Her jewellery is such a huge hit with customers (and staff!) and makes the perfect addition to any outfit. Here is our interview with her, which gives a […]

Meet The Maker : Kutuu – Pewter Charms & Gifts

Kutuu pewter gifts

Our focus today for #meetthemaker is Kutuu. Created in 2006 by Hannah Salomon, Kutuu make wonderful gifts and charm jewellery from their studio in North Wales. We think the little pewter charms are so special: each one is handmade with a sweet design and a meaningful message, making them a really popular gift. They can […]

Meet The Maker : Prism – Handmade Titanium Jewellery

Prism Design Titanium Jewellery

Our next installment of #meetthemaker month features the gorgeous colours of Prism Design jewellery. Prism Design handcraft every item of their titanium jewellery from their studio in the historic town of Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Prism’s team of designers and skilled jewellery makers craft each piece individually, and as experts in titanium the team strive to offer […]

Meet The Maker : Adele Taylor – Handmade Jewellery

Adele Taylor jewellery - meet the maker at iapetus

So here’s our next instalment of #meetthemaker month with jeweller Adele Taylor. Adele’s jewellery combines textured silver and gold with gemstones and pearls. Her collection also includes stunning gemstone rings, many of which are one-off creations. Read on to know more! Interview 1. Could you tell us a little bit about you, and how you […]

Meet The Maker : Fi Mehra – Handmade Jewellery

So here’s our next post for #meetthemaker month with jeweller Fi Mehra. Fi has been working with us here at iapetus for over 10 years and we have built a fantastic and collaborative relationship. Many pieces of Fi’s jewellery are exclusively sold by us including her amazing and varied silver charm collection – read on […]

Meet The Maker : Carol James (A.k.a Silverfish) – Handmade Jewellery

Silverfish jewellery by Carol James

Welcome to today’s post for our #meetthemaker month with Malvern jeweller, Carol James (AKA Silverfish). Carol’s gorgeous work has been a regular in our gallery for years and is so popular with all of our customers. Her background in archaeology plus her skills with silver mean that her jewellery is wonderfully unique, organic and so […]

Meet The Maker : Katie Stone – Handmade Jewellery

Katie Stone jewellery - meet the maker interview

Up next for our #meetthemaker month is British designer, Katie Stone. Katie is a jewellery designer from Birmingham. A graduate of the Birmingham School of Jewellery, Katie has been working for herself for 7 years and creates brilliantly original silver designs which have become a firm favourite at iapetus! Her designs are often inspired by […]