Our Retail System

Our Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) is provided by Intelligent Retail, one of the UK's leading suppliers of EPoS for independent retailers. Connect is Intelligent Retail's award winning multichannel software that allows innovative back-office stock control and has an easy-to-use front-end system for shop floor sales staff.


Whether operating in the back-office environment or on the software's front-end till, Connect EPoS is an easy to use system. The visual stock tree featured in the back-office is intuitive by design and gives a retailer a unique visualisation of their stock. The system provides detailed control over stock and operations and allows sales staff to easily process sales, create orders, check stock levels and more.

Multichannel Retail Software

Using Connect a retailer is able to manage stock between all of their retail channel operations from one central system. This includes stock across their stores, their eCommerce websites and their listings on online marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon. With the visual stock tree products can be sorted into categories for organisation and reporting and there's also a powerful search and filter function built in to help you quickly find the product or segment you need.

Operating from a central system is particularly useful when it comes to selling online as with Connect individual marketplace channel logins are no longer required. Using Connect, simply copy over the products that you want into their chosen stock tree, which could be Ebay, Amazon or multiple eCommerce websites. The added benefit with this central retail system is that as the orders come in, stock levels in each channel are automatically updated, keeping your stock availability up to date.

Intelligent Reporting

Connect EPoS offers retailers intelligent reporting that actually gives valuable, actionable insights. With intelligent reporting find out what's selling, either by department or individual item, and then create smart purchase orders before printing off or emailing directly to the supplier. Likewise, when the goods arrive Connect provides a simple solution to book them in all in one go.

Advanced eCommerce Website

Intelligent Retail design and build their own fully integrated eCommerce websites for use with the Connect retail system. Designs focus on web best practices and a superior online shopping experience for customers, with useful and efficient functions, a smooth checkout process, essential security and more.

To find out more about what Intelligent Retail's retail software can do visit intelligentretail.co.uk