molten pewter in resin flat pebble silver necklace - large by amy leigh

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This stylish, timeless and truly unique necklace is features molten pewter pieces set within clear resin and surrounded by sterling silver. Hand crafted by jeweller, Amy Leigh, molten pewter is poured into water capturing a sense of fluidity by forming intriguing sculptures. The sculptures combine with *Eco Resin and **Eco Silver to create this unique pendant that hangs on an 18" sterling silver chain. The piece is smooth and comfortable to wear and will go will almost any outfit! It would make a wonderful gift for any lover of natural shapes and tactile and creative jewellery.

Due to the techniques used to create each unique piece the item you receive may vary slightly from the image shown.

*Eco Resins replace some of the petroleum based components found in standard resins with renewable plant-based carbon. It also uses bi-products or waste products of other industrially important processes helping to reduce the environmental impact of the end product.

​**Eco Silver is an environmentally friendly alternative made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

Materials: pewter, resin , sterling silver

Size: length 21" including chain , pendant length 4.5cm, width 2.8cm approx, 

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