Archibald Knox Reproduction Art Nouveau Liberty Pewter Mantel Clocks

This beautiful collection of arts and crafts mantel clocks has been handcrafted from pewter with enamel detailing. The clocks is handcast from pewter with the enamelling then applied by hand.

The designs are based on original clocks created by Archibald Knox for Liberty and Co of London. The clock has all the hallmarks of his unique style. They are the perfect addition to anyone’s home who loves the artistry of the Arts and Crafts movement. The reproduction clock has been lovingly crafted by Birmingham Pewtersmiths, A E Williams. The family firm have been making Pewter since 1779 - they are the oldest family run Pewtersmiths in the world!

Archibald Knox was born in the Isle of Man of Scottish parenthood. His designs were synonymous with British Art Nouveau and he is regarded as being a prominent influence in the Arts and Crafts movement. His Celtic designs and calligraphy are world famous and iconic in the Isle of Man. Today both his art work for Liberty and Co and his watercolours are highly sought after.

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