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David Weinberger, designer of Lavan Jewellery, creates luxurious, hand crafted jewellery that can be worn for all occasions. His collections includes beautiful and timeless necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings which look fabulous worn as sets or mixed and matched. Lavan jewellery is crafted using sterling silver and embellished with gold, pearls and opals.

David studied art at the Kalisher High School of Art, Tel Aviv and then went on to study jewellery design at the Adi Goldsmith School of Jewellery, Israel. Moving to Buckinghamshire with his wife Katherine, they set up Lavan jewellery in 1993. David's sensitivity to shape and texture are clear in his collections. Each piece has a soft shape, making them very wearable, with the unmistakable and subtly luxurious gleam of precious metals. Discover more about David and Lavan jewellery designs in our interview with him at our blog!

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