pewter animal charms by william sturt


Pewter animal charms by William Sturt

These beautifully crafted pewter mini sculptures are the perfect gift for any animal lover. The tiny creatures are just so detailed. Made of pewter, they are the right size to pop in your pocket for a good luck charm, or displayed in pride of place on a mantelpiece.

About William Sturt Pewter

William and Clare Sturt and their small team in France create beautifully crafted pewter gifts and keepsakes. Originally from New Zealand, the influence of both their original and new homes shines through in their work. Their work is made from fine pewter, which contains no lead. The pewter is poured into their detailed and skillfully crafted moulds and then transformed into their wide range of gifts, including cufflinks, jewellery, spoons, keepsakes, boxes and tokens.

Materials: pewter


  • Crab - 3.5x2.5cm
  • Dachshund - 3.5x1cm
  • Elephant - 2.4x1.3cm
  • Flying pig - 2.5x2.5cm
  • Fox, fine - 3.9x1cm
  • Fox, heavy - 4x1cm
  • Frog - 2.7x1.7cm
  • Hare, alert - 3x2.5cm
  • Hare moongazing, fine - 2.3x0.9cm
  • Hare moongazing, heavy - 2x1cm
  • Hare, sitting - 3.5x2cm
  • Labrador - 1.5x3cm
  • Owl - 2x1.3cm
  • Puffin - 2.4x0.7cm
  • Turtle - 3.3x2.5cm
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